Alcohol, A Love Story.

A week ago I had lunch with an old friend. Our meal turned into a two-and-a-half hour catch up on our work, creativity, our relationships, yoga… But our conversation around addiction was the highlight. There is not one person I know, whom, if they were truly honest, can claim to be addiction free. It’s a … Read More »

If it has no soul, I’m not going.

Claire had traveled to DC on the morning flight with my dad to celebrate Uncle Pete’s 80th birthday.  I booked last minute using miles: what ticketing options remained were for a flight leaving 8 hours later. I was settled into my back-row-middle-seat at the departure gate when she called me from hotel: “You didn’t choose … Read More »

Had it been that bad? Yes, yes it had.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Sunday night at my friend Amy’s Super Bowl party, we were killing time until the Usher show when we overheard her 11 year old in the basement making content on her iPad. Something she was planning to upload to YouTube. Claire used to do the same thing at her age; so I … Read More »

Netflix queued “Quarterback” so…

So I popped on last night’s NFL stream, hoping to catch a glimpse of the 2023 Person of the Year and what she was wearing, and wow: Did you see that goalie score, umm, a home run (?) against the Dolphins?  I think it was that hot guy Taylor Swift is dating. This concludes my … Read More »

When my B-School goals for the C-Suite came to an abrupt halt.  

Fresh out of UW business school in 1993, I took my first “real” job in outside sales: pushing corporate long distance plans.  Salary: minimum wage ($4.25/hr at the time) plus 4% sales commission. No expenses, including gas, which I paid myself. It was to be, naturally, the first step on my way up to the … Read More »

Damn. I waited too long.

So there’s this man who appears to be his 80s who lives in a 1970s era raised ranch about a mile from my house.  His second floor living room window is perpendicular to a three way stop I pass through on my drive to the studio. Every morning for about a decade during my morning … Read More »

I’m bored. Let’s get create some trouble.

And here I thought I need to be able to paint. Or to throw cute pottery or spend hours with a sketchbook sitting in a corner at the Louvre.  To classify myself as A Creative, I mean. I am anything but one of those cool artist women who hangs macrame on my walls and wear … Read More »

I lived White Lotus in the ’90s.

Admittedly I’m late to the party (hello have you met me?), but between last night and this morning I binged White Lotus Season One in it’s entirety. I know people who are Meh about this show. I, however, consumed it like candy, simultaneously cringing and laughing out loud to the point of annoying both the dog … Read More »

It was the 2nd most humiliating moment of my childhood.

There’s a photo I recently unearthed from a drawer that was taken approximately a week before the second most humiliating moment of my childhood. My parents – who to my astonishment were complete Seventies’ Snacks btw – and I, are pictured at SeaTac on our way to visit our deeply religious, God-fearing family. These visits … Read More »

It’s about time I write that origin story.

Do you remember your first time?  The first time someone looked to you?   It was 2014; Twist Yoga was retreating in India.  I had been a leader on projects before, but yoga?  Nah.  I was the non-creative business person. I intentionally put other teachers between the eyes of clients and me, told myself I … Read More »