We help over stimulated and overworked people – who are bored by the gym – gain flexibility & strength and relieve tension so they can live healthier, pain free and purpose-driven lives.

Along the way, we witness the people we help empower themselves to become more confident in their own skin and make meaningful differences in their own communities.

We love what we do here!

Things are about to be good: Join us for a class!  Locations in Edmonds + Richmond Beach.


Calm Mind.

We strive to respect the full person and help people optimize their physical and emotional health so they can navigate their lives off the mat with ease and purpose.

Healthy Body.

You’ll get stronger and more flexible.  We also help you heal or prevent pain and injuries for a tension-free body and top-notch quality of life. At Twist Yoga, you’ll find nearly any style of yoga that fits your mood: From contemplative restorative to sweaty vigorous, and everywhere between.

Community Based.

We help people find connection in real time so they can be part of something special: a heart-centered, supportive community.  We believe practicing in group setting is a powerful tool for well-being:  The #1 thing we hear after class is “Ah, I needed that.”

Join us.

We welcome you to join us for a class.  Our door is open to feel better; whether you are looking to begin a yoga practice or deepen an existing one. Plus, we really do like each other here.