We help curious people – who are unfulfilled by the gym – gain flexibility + clarity and relieve tension so they can live a healthier life.

Along the way, we witness people get stronger, find their people and make meaningful differences in their lives.

We’ve been around a while and by now we’re pretty good at what we do: Join us for a class, we can’t wait to see you!


Calm Mind.

You’ll discover the benefits of the 8 Limbed Path of yoga in its entirety, not just physical exercise, so you can navigate your life with ease.

Healthy Body.

You’ll get stronger and more flexible for a top-notch quality of life. You’ll find the highest quality instruction in a variety of styles of yoga that fits your mood.

Find your People.

People find connection in real time here.  We believe practicing together – either in person or over zoom – is a recipe to feel important, welcome and seen.

Join us.

Our door is open to feel better; whether you are looking to begin a yoga practice or deepen an existing one. We invite you to join us.