Twist Yoga offers a safe space for the study of one’s self through the powerful practice of yoga.  Located in Shoreline (Aurora Village & Richmond Beach) and downtown Edmonds.

We offer high quality yoga instruction in unheated, warmed (summer day warm, not steam room hot), and hot (pretty hot – 105 degrees) studios. Many of our instructors are rooted in the vinyasa tradition, although we offer Hot Hatha, Kundalini, Gentle, Yin, Hatha Flow & Restoratives.


Fit Body.

Twist Yoga offers a wide variety of styles of yoga: From vigorous to restorative, and everywhere between.  Some of our classes (Hot Hatha, vinyasa, power vinyasa and hatha flow) provide a physical challenge while incorporating traditional yoga practices like mantra, pranayama and self-awareness. Some (yin, gentle, restorative) are more contemplative in nature.

Calm Mind.

You will experience teachings based 8-Limbed Path, which states yoga is so much more than a physical practice. While you will find our classes challenging physically, you will not experience mindless, crowded classes that simply focus on the workout.

Community Based.

We like each other here. We believe in the healing and life-changing powers of yoga and transmit these teachings in an inspiring way.

We welcome you to join us on your path to feel strong in your body, at peace in your mind and join others in your community. Our door is open to all; whether you are looking to begin a yoga practice or deepen an existing one.