We help real people gain flexibility and strength (without the gym!) so they can relieve tension and live healthier lives. Along the way, we witness clients finding their people and making meaningful differences in their communities.

We’ve been around a while and by now we’re pretty good at what we do: Join us for a class, we bet you’ll feel better!


Calm Mind.

You’ll discover the benefits of the 8 Limbed Path of yoga in its entirety, not just physical exercise, so you can navigate your life with ease.

Healthy Body.

You’ll get stronger and more flexible for a top-notch quality of life. You’ll find the highest quality instruction in a variety of styles of yoga that fits your mood.

Find your People.

People find connection in real time here.  We believe practicing together – either in person or over zoom – is a recipe to feel important, welcome and seen.

Join us.

Our door is open to feel better; whether you are looking to begin a yoga practice or deepen an existing one. We invite you to join us.