Michele Hausman

Taking dance classes as a little girl, Michele loved the structure, orderliness and beauty of a ballet class.  As she became a teenager, when for much of that time she had lost her way, she realized that whenever she was in dance class she was happy.  So movement has always been a refuge for her.  Even swimming in the ocean was when Michele felt most connected and joyous.  When she entered college and pondered what to do, a degree in Dance just didn’t seem like the right economical choice, so Michele wrote her own major and basically got a liberal arts degree.  After spending several years working in human resources, she returned to school for a teaching credential.  Michele worked in education for a few years and when she became pregnant with her second child decided to leave teaching and find something that was part time.  Throughout all this time Michele had been attending aerobics and step classes keeping fit and had recently begun to practice yoga in earnest.  She loved yoga, it was like coming home, the flowing movements, the breath and the philosophy all resonated deeply within me.  So, without consulting a soul, Michele applied to take a yoga teacher training program. Teaching since 2007, she teaches both  flow and hatha classes.  She loves the human body and discovering which small cues can enable students to feel more freedom in their bodies and more connected to their breath. In her classes, Michele hopes her students develop and grow kindness to themselves and others, feel more at home in their bodies and find opportunities to explore the inner landscapes of their bodies, minds and hearts.

More Information

What’s your favorite yoga pose at the moment?

My favorite yoga pose, besides Savasana, at this moment is bound sugar cane.  It’s takes a lot a focus!


Describe a moment during a yoga practice that rocked your world. 

Any meditation practices with YogaRupa Rod Stryker.


What’s your favorite place?

I don’t know if it’s my favorite place, but it’s definitely a place that has a piece of my heart, my neighborhood Sheridan Beach.  My kids have been lucky enough to grow up here and everyone knows everyone, it can be a little soap opera-ish but at the end of the day the community always comes together to support each other and I appreciate that.


What is your favorite color? Why? 

Turquoise Blue.  It makes me happy and I love the gemstone turquoise because it feels both grounding and bright all at the same time.


Whom do you admire?

Jennifer Mitchell


What traits in others are you attracted to? 

I like people who are curious, easy going, fun, grounded, truthful and enjoy a good conversation.


What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

Gosh, so many people are kind  and have done kind things for me.  Too many to count-smiles, letting me merge into a lane, dinners when I have been sick, mentoring me, giving me rides, giving me books to read, hugs, being kind to my kids…….


Favorite book:

I love all sorts of books.  I suppose one I have read many times is The Mists of Avalon.


Besides yoga, loves….

my family, my sweet dog, reading, cooking, movies.


Favorite thing about Twist Yoga? 

The sangha.


Anything else you’d like to add?